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It's no coincidence every princess you've ever read got married in a beautiful ball gown wedding dress. This elegant bridal design immediately makes you feel gorgeous and flatters your unique shape in all the right places. Slip into a fairly ballroom dress and marvel at the stunning hourglass shape you'll get with one simple tug of a zipper. Fitted throughout the bodice, these reasonably priced ball gowns from Herawhite Bridal flourish to a princess-worthy skirt of sumptuous fabric which will seem irresistible on the dance floor.

Choose from materials such as tulle and lace which give a fancy touch to any wedding dress and move gracefully down the aisle. For an even larger fairy tale finish, indulge in cute vases, such as crystals and rhinestones, and elevate your elegant bridal ball gown to another level. It's simple to create a gorgeous storybook wedding dress with our endless choice of sleeve options, hemlines, waistlines (we love the empire waist on ball gowns) and neckline styles. We've considered every exceptional detail so you can have the stunning princess ball gown you've always desired for an inexpensive price.

What is most enchanting about this curated collection of affordable ballroom wedding dresses is its versatility. Thanks to a range of designs, from trendy to traditional, this line includes a dress to suit any bridal theme.
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